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Kiss Your Edge Leadership Mentoring Is For:
Passionate, Conscious Leaders challenged by the edges of transition, and who are...
Driven by a fierce desire to unlock their purpose and personal freedom, while boldly leading others to do the same for themselves.
The Challenge Isn't That You're Not Ready for Change.
It's Whether You're Ready to Identify Your Next Edge.
More than an executive level mentorship program, Kiss Your Edge is both a lifestyle and work style.

"Kiss Your Edge Leadership Mentoring" for Conscious Leaders

A premier, executive-level mentorship program for conscious leaders. If you’re seeking new ways to break free from restrictive confines of an outdated system and ready to create new solutions – “Kiss Your Edge Leadership Mentoring” is for you.

"Kiss Your Edge Coaching" for Heart Based Coaches

An elite-level mentorship program for change agents coaches. If you’re searching for a more effective and fulfilling way to lead your clients in times of radical change – with Presence, Power, and Peace – “Kiss Your Edge Coaching” is for you.

"Kiss Your Edge Training & Workshops" for Private and Public Events

For both private and public bookings. “Kiss Your Edge Training & Workshops” are for audiences and organisations open to learning a cutting-edge process for successfully getting through personal and professional transition.

Caroline Gasc is a Professional Certified Transformational Coach with the International Coach Federation, author of the upcoming book, Kiss Your Edge, and the creator behind the Kiss Your Edge Conscious Leadership Mentoring Program.

The Kiss Your Edge mentoring programs are based on over two decades of research and successful application leading transitions and transformation in organizations, guiding leaders to find their true purpose and power for impact.  Caroline coaches and mentors leaders at all levels, including first-time managers, board directors, C-levels, and VPs of large multi-national corporations and governmental organisations. 

Kiss Your Edge mentoring programs are framed by The Three Pillars; Presence, Power, and Peace.
More than just words, The Three Pillars are the foundations to the New Leadership Model, supporting the next level of Human Evolution by liberating your potential, awakening your soul, and reinventing yourself professionally and personally for impact.

Unlocked Tremendous Value for My Organisation


“Working with Caroline and the 3 Pillars was an unexpected journey of self-discovery. I entered the coaching process expecting a very functional output, refocusing my skills around a range of corporate metrics. In reality, I went through a fundamental rebirth. I rediscovered my true purpose in the workplace and the wider world. KISS YOUR EDGE model helped remind me of the values I stand for and guided me through a process to refocus around them which helped me unlock tremendous value for my organisation.”

Matthew Horobin ~ 

Director Brand & Engagement at Dubai Airports

Helped Me Become a Better Leader



“Caroline helped me become a better leader with an increased focus on what is really important.  By creating an atmosphere of trust and by asking the right questions we uncovered areas of improvement but also defined direction.  This happened to an extent that even other members of the team remarked on the transformation happening. One told me: “We all observed a transformation in you over the past 6-9 months.”

~ Marek Szymanek ~

Regional Service Head MEA at Siemens Healthineers

Developed into a conscious & authentic Leader

“Caroline’s New Model “KISS YOUR EDGE” has enabled me to connect my head with my heart, find my passion to truly develop into a conscious and authentic leader, and step into public speaking. It provides practical and effective strategies to navigate life’s hurdles and obstacles effectively and build resilience. The 3 Pillars enable me to pause, reflect and focus on what really matters.”

~ Aisha Rawert ~

Director Organization Capabilities & Performance Management 

at DU Telecom

“Kiss Your Edge” is an Amazing & Inspiring Workshop


“I attended Caroline’s “Kiss Your Edge” workshop and witnessed first-hand what an amazing and inspiring workshop it is. Caroline leads with great warmth, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and full acceptance. The workshop was a beautiful dive into the inner realms of consciousness to locate the treasure that few are able to find in life. That treasure is within us all and Caroline’s thoughtful and real-world approach to accessing it is her gift to unlocking your AUTHENTIC SELF.”

~ Sura Al Samman ~ 

Strategic Interventionist & Certified Coach


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