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By Caroline Gasc

In times of great transition, even the most adept and conscious minded organisation can become overwhelmed and stuck. Being stuck can occur in a single division or it can be systemic, permeating the entire organisation, and leaving everyone, from senior executives to employees, unable to make crucial and timely decisions.

It’s easy to overlook both subtle and major signs of disconnect between a team’s performance on the outside, and what is actually driving it from within. This is often the case for senior executives and managers, who have a particular perspective for how they believe an organisation should be, as opposed to perceiving the reality of how it really is.

If you’re unsure as to whether your team is stuck, there are signs to watch out for. This is where the power of being a conscious minded leader comes in.

Your organisation is stuck if your management team or employees are:

  1. Confused about the direction of the organisation and wondering what’s next.
  2. Exhibit a lack of purpose and are confusing activity with accomplishment.
  3. Feel disempowered about their role and contribution to their team and organisation.
  4. Do not feel as if they fit in and that their values and voice are not honored.
  5. Displaying inconsistent levels of energy and overall performance.
  6. Overwhelmed by simple tasks, while being overly hesitant to respond to bigger issues.
  7. Speaking negatively about the organisation and their contribution at work


It’s one thing to spot the damage of being stuck. The challenge, though, is having the courage as a leader to admit your organisation is faltering and then taking inspired action to unstick your team before morale and your brand are irrevocably damaged.

In situations where a team or an entire organisation is stuck, a lot of leaders subscribe to the old paradigm of working their employees harder. The belief is that anytime off the floor and in training is a loss in productivity. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Studies have overwhelmingly shown that when employees are stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure of the direction of the organisation they work for, a well-timed pattern interrupt, through a relevant training program can have an immediately positive impact on their performance. It is your team’s performance, after all, that will either take your organisation to the next level, or leave it stagnating, and at a severe disadvantage to favorably compete in your market.

If you believe your team is showing signs of being stuck, not knowing the way forward and is unsure of how to handle change, it is likely time to prepare your team for getting unstuck and liberate their human potential. Don’t let your organisation become the next cautionary tale in your industry. Face change today. If not now, when?

About Caroline:

Caroline Gasc is a Professional Certified Transformational Coach with the International Coach Federation, author of the upcoming book, Kiss Your Edge, and the creator behind the Kiss Your Edge Conscious Leadership Mentoring Program. The Kiss Your Edge mentoring programs are based on over a decade of research and successful application guiding leaders to find their true purpose and power for impact.  Caroline coaches and mentors leaders at all levels, including first-time managers, board directors, C-levels, and VPs of large multi-national corporations and governmental organisations.