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By Caroline Gasc

The old paradigm saw employees receive training that encouraged them to fruitlessly climb the ladder of success by trying to create happiness for themselves and foster organisational growth, all from a mindset of scarcity. For generations, this appeared to work. Or, did it?

When you examine the sheer number of employees who transitioned out of their positions to work for themselves or competitors, on top of the financial toll from a loss of employee productivity from stress and overwhelm, it becomes clear that the means to profitability was never worth the ends it produced financially or emotionally.

The old paradigm was unstable and created a culture of mistrust, disempowerment, and unsustainable achievements. Of all the members of an organisation, few are as impacted by this in today’s market of great change as much as emerging change agents.


Feeling more like corporate slaves than empowered and inspired souls, without the proper guidance and training, an oganisation’s emerging leaders will not reach their full potential. This will have an immediate and long-term effect on the internal infrastructure and profitability of the organisations they work for. 

To address these issues, forward-thinking organisations have begun to implement a new way of training employees with an emphasis on conscious decision making. Rather than rehash the same old listening and communication programs, these transformational based trainings are incorporating aspects of Emotional Intelligence with conscious, heart-centered techniques.

The impact is almost immediate, in that employees, particularly emerging changing agents, are more empowered to address the tough questions that inevitably show up during change and transition. Transformational trainings and conscious mentoring programs deliver a detailed plan and provide real-world insights and experiential exercises for how the new organizational paradigm can support emerging leaders to climb the ladder of consciousness.


When senior decision makers know that their employee’s happiness comes from liberating their potential rather than stifling it, the structure of the organisation changes for the better. It becomes in service of the employee’s potential, and that of all humans, and not the other way around.

The way this works is that by liberating the human potential of employees frees them from the boundaries of limitation. This is more than just climbing the organizational ladder of success.  Transformational trainings and conscious mentorship programs show the way to a more desirable life by revealing how people can climb up the ladder of consciousness.

The structure of this new paradigm will allow employees, particularly the young emerging change agents, the creative space to reinvent themselves, as well reinvent how an organisation can grow and prosper during great times of change and transition.

Stepping out of the box of mediocrity can be scary. Which is why choosing the right transformational training and conscious mentor program is important. With the right facilitator supporting your organisation, your team will be enabled to stretch themselves across boundaries of personal growth, journeying to a higher consciousness and achieving real, sustainable and lasting transformation.

About Caroline:

Caroline Gasc is a Professional Certified Transformational Coach with the International Coach Federation, author of the upcoming book, Kiss Your Edge, and the creator behind the Kiss Your Edge Conscious Leadership Mentoring Program. The Kiss Your Edge mentoring programs are based on over a decade of research and successful application guiding leaders to find their true purpose and power for impact.  Caroline coaches and mentors leaders at all levels, including first-time managers, board directors, C-levels, and VPs of large multi-national corporations and governmental organisations.