If yes, you have certainly already given a thought to what it is that is missing in your team, project or organization, that comes from the people. What is holding the business back? Is it a lack of engagement, proactivity, communication that would bring inspiration, innovation, and success in a challenging environment?In other words, what would bring your team to perform at its best – let’s call it its Peak Performance – and guarantee continuous growth for both the company’s results and your people?

As a CFO, I have looked at ways to measure the “non measurable” that is the “human factor” and its impact on the financial results, till I decided to take the decisive step to bring my 18 years experience in Finance and 15 years in personal development in service of business performance through people and processes.

There are fast, yet efficient and sustainable ways to ensure Peak Performance and Growth and it all starts with measurement of the current situation.

What is Peak Performance?

Peak performance is reached when teams are both Productive and Positive. In their goal to support high performing and sustainable teams, TCI (Team Coaching International) brought down the conditions necessary to high performing teams to 2 dimensions each measured by 7 Performance Indicators :

  • Productivity strengths or competencies that support the teams to be productive. Teams exist to produce results. 7 strengths measure their capacity to deliver: Trust, Team Leadership, Resources, Decision Making, Proactive, Accountability, Goals & Strategies.
  • Positivity strengths or competencies that create an environment that supports the team’s productivity. 7 strengths measure the way the teams interact as this influence the quality and output of results: Respect, Camaraderie, Communication, Constructive Interaction, Values Diversity, Optimism, Alignment.

When the teams are compelled with a big challenge to deliver, given the conditions to excel (positive environment encouraging initiative, supporting mistakes as a way to grow), and people’s passion can engage, they reach their full potential to deliver.

A proven Team Performance measurement tool

TCI has collected data from over 1000 teams and revealed the potential for growth through the following benchmarking :

Benchmarking reveals: high performing, top teams outperform average teams by 42%.  Productivity measures by 39%. Positivity measures by 46%.

How does YOUR team perform?

Look at the below graph representing the “Teams’ Worlds” and estimate in which World your team lives? What is the impact on the Business? What would the potential be if they were living in the top right corner of the chart?

Get it measured: whether you are the Leader of a Company, a department, a team or a project, or the HR manager in charge of teams’ performance, you can get today your FREE Team Leader View Diagnostic on your team’s performance.

Contact me for your FREE ASSESSMENT now and reveal your team’s performance score through a complete report showing the strengths and challenges of your team. It takes about 20 minutes to answer 80 questions. You will then receive your confidential detailed report with all insights on your team’s performance as well as a free debriefing and action plan proposal.

This Report will provide an overview of the Team’s Performance seen by yourself and help identify actions and strategies to be taken for individual and collective growth.

What gets measured gets managed!

Team Performance followed through Team Performance Indicators and related action plan always revealed an improvement in Business KPIs.

This is the fastest way to improve your financial performance through your people’s performance. It has been implemented in over 1000 teams and major corporations worldwide. Take the first step now to measure your team’s performance and get professional feedback: identify and implement the action plan to foster your team’s engagement to reach your higher goals.

About Caroline:

Caroline Gasc is a Professional Certified Transformational Coach with the International Coach Federation, author of the upcoming book, Kiss Your Edge, and the creator behind the Kiss Your Edge Conscious Leadership Mentoring Program. The Kiss Your Edge mentoring programs are based on over a decade of research and successful application guiding leaders to find their true purpose and power for impact.  Caroline coaches and mentors leaders at all levels, including first-time managers, board directors, C-levels, and VPs of large multi-national corporations and governmental organisations.