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You coach and mentor your clients to new levels of professional excellence and personal empowerment.  Something, however, has changed.

The ‘old’ way of coaching and leading no longer works like it used to. 

Welcome to your Next Edge. But you’re not alone. Your clients are there too.

Now what?

No matter how many years you’ve been in the coaching industry or what levels of success you and your clients have achieved, when you’re feeling disconnected from your purpose, you may have found yourself questioning whether you’re the leader and coach you know you’re born to be.

This level of doubt and stress is intensified during transitions. Without being aware of what is really happening you will feel stuck on your edge. This leads to a slippery slope, where you start seeking solutions that have little to do with navigating the edge you’re transitioning over.

The answer isn’t to get another coaching certification.  Nor will your current challenge be solved by a new marketing system. 

When you opt for solutions that are temporary at best, or financially and emotionally draining at worst, this directly affects your ability to lead and coach your clients beyond their own edge. Now, you’re both stuck.

To Be a Heart-Based Leader You Must be Willing to Cross the Edge of Transition You Want Your Clients to Cross.

To cross the edge of transition, and help your clients do the same, you’ll want to bring an expanded level of consciousness to your coaching and your life. The kind of consciousness I’m talking about elevates you to a sustainable level of performance where you are consistently at your best, for you and your clients.

But first, there’s the matter of a very real and unsettling edge you may find yourself stuck on.

Whether You've Been Told This or Not, I Want You To Know Something.
You're More Than Just a Professional Coach.
You're a Conscious Leader.
You're a Trailblazer.

You want to make a difference in the lives of others, and at the highest levels. It’s why you became a coach.  Now it’s time to own it. But there’s something else, isn’t there? Something you rarely talk to fellow coaches about. 

You’ve been through transitions and stood on the edges of transformation before. But the edge you’ve been on lately is probably the most intense you’ve ever experienced. It’s because you’ve courageously ridden the wave of transformation straight to the top of the mountain of change. 

As much as you may have contemplated giving up, there is no going back. Truth be told, you don’t want to. And neither do your clients. That’s why they need you to be at your best. To do this, there is an inner calling that you must be willing to answer. 

To Kiss Your Edge Is to Awaken to the Calling of Your Soul.

Answering this calling is not for the faint of heart for it creates a ripple effect that touches literally all areas of your life. It’s why the latest marketing system for coaches will not help, and neither will another spiritual retreat.

When you’re on an edge of this magnitude one-to-one guidance from a seasoned professional who’s been down the path of transformation and kissed their own edge before is crucial. This is someone who is adept at balancing spiritual energies and business leadership in order to facilitate a safe space for you to be vulnerable and while helping you develop a mindful presence to pull together the elements of:

Radical Responsibility

Conscious Leadership

High-level Business Acumen

I know, this probably sounds like what you help your own clients with, right? But what about how this is applied to yourself when it’s your edge and not someone else’s? That’s where I come in.

If you’re committed to re-discovering your presence, power and peace amidst the chaos of change, Caroline Gasc’s Kiss Your Edge Coaching is for you.

Hi, I’m Caroline Gasc, a Professional Certified Transformational Coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation) and the creator behind the “Kiss Your Edge Leadership Mentoring” programs. You can read more about my journey here. 

I’ve provided hundreds of conscious leaders and heart-based professional coaches, like yourself, a safe space to explore what it means to be a conscious leader who moves from a place of reactive to creative when the pressure of transition is at its most intense.  From a business perspective, my clients also come to me because I deliver timely guidance on how to transcend your coaching practice from surviving to thriving.  

What I do, however, goes beyond helping you and your practice achieve financial success, for that is a byproduct of unlocking your potential as a heart-based leader.  My work with you is sacred because it’s connecting you with your purpose, and then providing you with a process to put your purpose into aligned action through what I refer to as The Three Pillars (3 Ps).

Presence, Power, and Peace.

For myself and the clients I work with, Presence, Power, and Peace are symbols of liberating your potential, awakening your soul, and reinventing yourself professionally and personally. They represent more than just words.  They’re part of a work style and lifestyle that unlock your potential as a heart-based leader by connecting you with your purpose.

I know this not only from the success I’ve had with clients but because the 3Ps were my navigation system during the biggest personal and professional transition in my life.  After 18 successful years in international finance, which included serving as CFO at a multinational company in Dubai, I followed the calling of my heart and embarked on a new career path as a transformational coach.

Having kissed my own edge and conquered the biggest transition of my career, I developed Kiss Your Edge around Presence, Power, and Peace. This way the 3Ps can be applied to help professional coaches navigate the overwhelming challenges you face when it’s time to break through barriers and connect with your purpose. 

Liberate Your Potential. Awaken Your Soul. 

Reinvent Yourself Professionally & Personally. 

Are You Ready to Lead Your Clients to a New Level of Leadership and Empowerment?

You have your own journey, which comes with its own unique edges, just as your clients have theirs. Because the path you’re on unfolds as you grow, it’s normal that you don’t know what’s next.

It’s true, your clients are the ones who point you in the direction of your true north. But without a trained, external eye, helping you navigate this process, you won’t see what your next edge is.  If you can’t see your next edge, how can you, as a conscious leader and coach, help your clients see theirs?

If you can relate to this, I want to let you know you’re not alone. Since making my decision to transition into a new career path, I’ve been honored to have empowered and guided hundreds of professionals and organisations from all over the world liberate their potential, awaken their soul, and reinvent themselves in the midst of their own transition.

If you’re looking to achieve something similar with your own career as a professional coach, and need someone who knows how to gracefully steer others along the sometimes-turbulent terrain of transformation, I want to hear from you. I do want to say, however, that Kiss Your Edge is not for everyone. 

Kiss Your Edge is not for professional coaches who believe they either know it all or resist the very thing they want help with. What this means is that I will hold you accountable to develop your Leadership Presence as a coach, Unlock Your True Power and be at Peace with the impact you have as a heart-based coach. 

Are you ready for this level of inner and outer transformation? If you’re anything like my clients, you are.  Over the years, I’ve had the great honor to guide corporate leaders and professional coaches from all corners of the globe through grueling periods of transition and into rewarding transformations.

Despite my client’s diverse cultural backgrounds and different levels of business experience, do you know what they all have in common?

My clients come to me because they all want to liberate their potential and free themselves from the restrictive and suffocating confines of the system of conformity.

Are You Ready for This Level of Inner & Outer Transformation? 

If You’re Anything Like My Clients, You Are.

Is the System of Conformity Hurting the Coaching Industry?


As a Heart-Based Leader, You Can Change This.

What is this system of conformity? It’s a system that limits your potential as a coach and leader by forcing you to accept far less of yourself in order to fit in and conform to how others want you to be.

Is this system of conformity hurting the coaching industry? Yes, it is. Think about all the strict rules, templates, and marketing systems you’re told to follow, irregardless of whether it works for your practice and clients. Everywhere you turn, you’re reminded what happens if you don’t adhere to the rules.

What if those rules no longer apply in the fast-changing, consciously awakened, 4th Industrial Revolution world we’re in?

What if those rules that worked 10 or 20 years ago are now keeping you from reaching your full potential?

Coaches who hire me to break free of this old paradigm realized that by using the old rules to help them service their clients and grow their coaching practice left them more exhausted, deflated and drained than it did feeling powerful, peaceful and fulfilled.

If what you’re reading here resonates, it’s because you’re among a growing tribe of conscious leaders in the coaching industry ready to break free from the restrictive confines of this outdated system of conformity.

You’re at your edge. Now, it’s time to lean in and kiss it.

Kiss Your Edge for Professional Coaches Is for You If You’re Committed To:

Liberating your human potential and awakening your soul.

Uncovering a deeper meaning in your life.

Experiencing a more Divine expression of yourself as a conscious leader.

Challenging your beliefs and undoing unconscious programmes.

Uncovering the self-limiting beliefs and thoughts about yourself you once accepted as facts (this is the key to liberating your purpose & potential).

Releasing all attachments to what is no longer serving you and your clients.

Developing a confident mindset for winning client projects that are aligned with your purpose.

Connect to your life force, reach expanded levels of consciousness, and let your highest potential rise.

Below you will find three options available for the “Kiss Your Edge Leadership Mentoring” for professional coaches. Each option is custom tailored for professional, heart-based coaches experiencing distinct transitions in their practice, industry and personal life.

All three options are available in the following time frames:

(4 hours) – One day session

(30 days) – 3 (60-minute sessions)

(90 days) – 9 (60-minute sessions)

(6 months) – 12 (60-minute sessions)

Have you received a new coaching certification?  Are you in the midst of transitioning from the corporate world into becoming a full-time coach? 
Becoming a professional coach can be a fulfilling career, but it also brings unique challenges.  While your clients may hire you to help them grow personally and professionally, being a heart-based leader requires you to work on your own personal growth.
When you hire Caroline, you’re getting more than a leadership mentor coach. You’re giving your career the solid foundation it deserves to succeed today and well into the future.
You’ve awakened to a new you. Your consciousness has expanded but you’re still struggling to build a sustainable coaching practice. You’ve poured a lot of money, time, and your heart and soul into this, and here you are standing on yet another edge. What was thought to be a peaceful and successful transition from the old to the new has turned into an exciting and scary reality.
Now what?
It’s time to get to the source of your challenges and create sustainable growth for your coaching practice so you can become the conscious leader you’re born to be.  Start that process today by hiring Caroline as your leadership mentor coach. 
Having scaled your career and practice to new heights, you’ve set the bar for successful coaches. While you’re the leader many in the industry look to for inspiration, recently you’ve found yourself searching for your own inspiration. You can see the industry changing, and you know future success can no longer be measured the same as it once was.
What’s next? It’s a question you’ve been privately asking yourself. What’s got you worried is that the answer to that question isn’t coming quick enough. 
Hiring Caroline as your leadership mentor will help you gain the clarity needed to address the questions that are keeping you up at night. Together, you and her will chart out a course for your next big move while receiving guidance for where and how to scale your consciousness as you keep scaling your career.
If you’re ready to kiss your next edge, schedule a complimentary 30-minute session with Caroline and determine which coaching package is right for you.