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Caroline Gasc Trains, Inspires and Prepares
Your Team and Audience for Their Next Edge.

Your team is living and working in an age of unprecedented change.

The need for training programmes designed to guide your team through rapid, multi-cultural transition with conscious leadership is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Your leadership team may call it an opportunity, a temporary market adjustment, or a full-blown crisis. The World Economic Forum calls it the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Whether you realize it or not, your team, organisation, and your entire industry are undergoing the biggest cultural and industry-wide transition in modern history.

But don’t blink, because the world you see today will not be the same tomorrow. What used to take 15 to 20+ years for technological and cultural revolutions to fully change entire markets, let alone the world, is unfolding literally in months.

What does this mean for you and your organisation? It means you don’t have time to resist change. It also means the type of leadership your team chooses to navigate transition today will determine the growth of your organisation tomorrow.

How quickly and authentically an organisation embraces the multi-cultural and industry-wide levels of change occurring around the world will be the difference maker between gaining market share or being kicked out of the marketplace altogether.

Caroline Gasc's Kiss Your Edge Training Programmes & Workshops Offer Organisations of All Sizes
A More Fulfilling Pathway to Leadership Growth

In today’s global economy, a single tweet in social media can radically alter a company’s stock price. Political upheaval half-way around the world can change the landscape of multiple industries in less than one quarter.

Add these daily challenges to the unavoidable reality that younger employees are less inclined to follow the rigid leadership styles of the past and it’s clear that what worked in the old paradigm of corporate leadership won’t cut it anymore.  Today’s emerging change agents are leading with intuition and consciousness.

How does your organisation properly prepare the new leaders to fulfill their purpose and potential? The answer is a more fulfilling pathway to personal and professional growth for your entire team. This is where Caroline Gasc and Kiss Your Edge training programmes and workshops come in. 

Caroline Gasc Doesn’t Just Deliver Inspiring Programmes on Leadership, Consciousness and Transition.
She Lives What She Teaches.

There are some trainers who teach from a book, offering insights and ideas for leadership but have little experience being leaders themselves. When your organisation hires Caroline to develop a transformative leadership programme for your team, you’re getting much more than a trainer, speaker or coach.

Caroline brings to your team a rare combination of senior-level executive experience, over twenty years of walking the path of a conscious leader, and nearly a decade of experience coaching and training professionals at the highest levels.

During the first half of Caroline’s career, she climbed the ladder of success in the corporate world, becoming Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at a multinational company in Dubai. Having reached the pinnacle of success in the corporate world, Caroline took her experience and talents into the world of professional coaching, where she has made her greatest impact on professionals at all levels.

As a Professional Certified Transformational Coach with the International Coach Federation, in-demand trainer for corporate leaders, and author of the upcoming book, Kiss Your Edge, Caroline now helps conscious leaders, around the world, connect to their full potential and learn to be effective transformation agents.

Below you will find a brief synopsis of Caroline’s most popular Kiss Your Edge training and workshop topics. Each training programme can be custom tailored to address specific challenges your team, organisation, and industry are facing. 

Kiss Your Edge:
How to Consciously Navigate Transition with Purposeful Action and a Brave Heart
This popular programme is based on over a decade of research and successful application Caroline has used to guide leaders at all levels, including first-time managers, board directors, C-levels, and VPs of large multi-national corporations and governmental organisations, to find their true purpose and power for impact. 

During this engaging and thought-provoking programme, your team will learn:

How to Identify What Your Next Edge Is

The Characteristics of a Conscious Leader

Creative Competencies vs Reactive Tendencies

The Three Pillars of Presence, Power & Peace

What the 4th Industrial Revolution Means for Modern-Day Leaders

Kiss Your Edge:
Get Unstuck & Consciously Reinvent Your Career with Presence, Power & Peace
In a business environment that is continuously evolving, it is not surprising this is one of Caroline’s most requested Kiss Your Edge programme. This programme is a groundbreaking exploration into developing new ways of individuals and organisations can consciously reinvent themselves during times of great change. 

Using a proven methodology for identifying the root cause of feeling stuck, Caroline provides timely answers and practical techniques for how to more effectively and efficiently achieve desired results during life-altering and career-defining transitions.

Become a Change Agent by Climbing the Ladder of Consciousness
Caroline’s groundbreaking programme for emerging change agents teaches how to identify your next edge and the transformational skills required for handling change and gracefully navigating transition for yourself and your organisation. 

This programme delivers a detailed plan and real-world insights, along with experiential exercises for how change and the new organizational paradigm can support emerging change agents as they climb the ladder of consciousness. 

Every organisation is different, even if some of the inherent challenges for navigating change are the same. For this reason, Caroline invites you to contact her and explore where and how the Kiss Your Edge programmes can be tailored for your team and organisation.