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Transitions Come With Edges.
It's Here That You Now Stand.

Ever feel like no matter what you do to succeed as a leader, you’re left feeling more drained, overwhelmed, and frustrated than you are fulfilled, at peace, and in your power? 

You’re not alone.

It happens when you’re on an edge.

At the top of the edge sits self-doubt. Yes, even conscious leaders have fears and doubt, especially related to the unknown. The conflictual dialogue between the mind reasoning and evaluating the risks silently kick into overdrive when your career and the future direction of your organisation is at stake. 

These intense moments of transition and transformation can be overwhelming.  Drained of the necessary energy and focus to make quality decisions, when it matters most, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself questioning whether your next move is the right one. 

If you can relate, that means you’re at the tipping point. This is where all conscious leaders find themselves when they reach the edge of transition.  It’s a place where you don’t have all the answers.

This is why you need a trusted guide. But not just any guide will do.

If you feel prepared to Kiss Your Edge and drive change in your life, career, and organisation, but not clear how you’re going to do it, that’s where Caroline Gasc comes in.

Hi, I’m Caroline Gasc, a Professional Certified Transformational Coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation) and the creator behind the “Kiss Your Edge Leadership Mentoring” program. I have had the great honor to guide senior executives, business professionals and coaches from all corners of the globe through grueling periods of transition and into rewarding transformations.

Serving as a coach and mentor to conscious leaders like yourself, I provide my clients with a safe space and timely guidance for them to transcend their leadership from a place of reactive to creative.  This is accomplished by framing our sessions with a proven system to unlock your potential as a heart-based leader and connect you with your purpose on deeper and more conscious levels. 

Despite my client’s diverse cultural backgrounds and different levels of business experience, they all have one thing in common?

My clients come to me because they all want to liberate their potential and free themselves from the restrictive and suffocating confines of a ‘system’ that relies on outdated methods of leading.

Although I have many years of experience as an executive transition coach and specialize in mentoring conscious leaders, I am not here to tell you how to do your job. You’re the expert in your chosen field. You didn’t reach this stage of your career without knowing your organisation and industry from the inside-out. 



You’re hiring me as your conscious leadership coach because I have developed a proven system and have a successful track record of guiding leaders like yourself to find their true power for impact. This includes work with first-time managers to board directors, C-levels, and VPs of large multi-national corporations and governmental organisations, each of whom I guided and coached from difficult transitions to profitable and empowering transformations. 

My job with you, then, is to unlock your potential as a heart-based leader by connecting you with your purpose. True power comes not only from the smart brain but from Purposeful Action and a Brave Heart. Therefore, to fulfill my job as your coach, we will create a path for you to have the impact you want in service by focusing on what I call the 3Ps: Presence, Power, and Peace.

What this means is that I will hold you accountable to develop your Executive Presence, Unlock Your True Power and be at Peace with the impact you have as a heart-based leader. In fact, I can do this for your entire team. 

If you are ready to kiss your next edge and walk the path of a heart-based, impactful leader, I am your coach.


Below you will find three options available for Caroline’s “Kiss Your Edge Leadership Mentoring” for executives. Each option is custom tailored for specific leaders experiencing distinct transitions.

All three options are available in the following time frames:

(4 hours) – One day session

(30 days) – 3 (60-minute sessions)

(90 days) – 9 (60-minute sessions)

(6 months) – 12 (60-minute sessions)

If you require group coaching for your executive team, please contact Caroline for a special quote. 

The world of business is rapidly changing, with more corporate professionals facing the uncertainty of transition than ever before. What you once needed to grow into a leader may no longer hold true today. 
If you are feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed with transitioning to the next edge of your career now is the time to hire Caroline.
Every emerging conscious leader requires mentoring. And no mentoring program is more important than one that teaches you how to identify your next edge and focuses on transformational skills for handling change and gracefully navigating transition, both for yourself and your new team. 
Do you see yourself as an emerging conscious leader and are ready to liberate your career potential, fulfill your purpose and lead your industry to new heights? If so, it’s time take aligned action and hire Caroline today.
We know you’ve climbed the ladder of success. Are you ready to climb the ladder of consciousness? 
In times of great transition, even the most adept and conscious minded leaders can become stuck. When this happens, what are you willing to stop doing in order to step beyond your edge and create new pathways for beneficial and profitable change in your organisation?

If you are committed to moving from being a traditional leader to becoming a conscious leader whose legacy today will inspire generations of new leaders tomorrow, hire Caroline today.  

If you’re ready to kiss your next edge, schedule a complimentary 30-minute session with Caroline and determine which coaching package is right for you.